ViscoTec moves forward with 3D printing of 1 component and 2 component fluids and pastes

Whether in the automotive, medical technology or aerospace industries, additive manufacturing is developing at a rapid pace and making way for new technologies. ViscoTec is setting new standards for viscous 1 and 2 component materials with its print heads developed specifically for 3D printing.

Additive Manufacturing of Silicone Components with ViscoTec 3D Printheads

In addition to a wide range of materials to be processed – such as adhesives and pastes – silicones are playing an increasingly important role in additive production. Silicone is characterized above all by its elasticity and weather resistance and is also available in different degrees of hardness. Due to the high elasticity, the silicone components are totally tear-resistant and can return to their original shape. Another advantage is the durability of the manufactured products.

The areas of application in which the 3D-printed components are used are diverse: insoles for customized running shoes, elastic handles for medical devices, industrial products or specially manufactured seals. Through the use of additive manufacturing processes, it is now possible to manufacture individual components without incurring extra costs. For conventionally manufactured components, for example, no huge investments in individual tool moulds are necessary. In addition to increasing production efficiency, the optimization of the supply chain and the accelerated market launch of the product are also important points. ViscoTec has set itself the task of driving forward a change in additive manufacturing with the aid of 1 and 2 component printheads. Silicone components are therefore manufactured with complete process reliability.

Additive manufacturing of silicone components
3D printed silicone parts created with a 3D printer from Deltatower

The endless piston principle integrated in the print heads plays an important role here. The silicones are applied layer by layer with high precision, thanks to the suck-back effect with defined start and end points. Depending on the cross-linking, the printed object is cured by means of UV light, heat, humidity or a resulting combination of these.

However, a reliable, high-quality product can only be created through close cooperation with material and 3D printer manufacturers. ViscoTec supplies the perfect components for the additive manufacturing process: Print heads for 1 and 2 component materials.