Printing of viscous materials and pastes in 3D printing

The 1-component print head vipro-HEAD, for three-dimensional printing of one-component liquids, in video: The metering component developed especially for 3D printing covers all relevant facts. At the beginning of the video the structure of the print head is explained – both inside and outside. The tried and tested ViscoTec endless piston principle must not be ignored, as this technology is also responsible for many strengths of the 1-component print head. The gentle handling of abrasive pastes is just one of the numerous advantages listed in the video. The following example shows which parameters can be varied without changing the result. The print head can thus be used flexibly for a wide variety of applications.

The range of materials that the vipro-HEAD can dose is also broadly diversified: silicones, acrylates or waxes, to name just a few. The next step is to find the right curing method for the corresponding material. In this case, the one-component print head can vary between different processes such as UV, humidity or heat curing.

The video thus provides a good overview of all the features that the 1-component print head vipro-HEAD from ViscoTec combines.