Consumer goods

Filling tasks in our daily lives

Consumer goods like home care products are frequently purchased and usually needed on a daily basis: The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector includes many possible applications for our dosing pumps. Our robust dosing components are impressive when used for cleaning agents. For suspensions, you benefit from the particularly gentle technology on which our products are based. With comparatively low pressures and a uniform volume flow, we manage to counteract sedimentation of fillers in solids-laden materials. And the list could be expanded.

We achieve customized filling lines for you and enable fast product changes through automated rinsing processes. The long service life of our dosing systems is especially important in 24/7 production. Dose your materials accurately and cleanly – from as little as 0.1 ml per dose.

Application examples from the consumer goods sector

Filling detergents and dishwashing liquids in pods or tabs

Consumer goods: filling detergents and dishwashing liquids in pods or tabs

Consumer goods like detergent pods and dishwasher tabs place very different demands on dosing systems. The gel-viscous material in detergent pods are not in themselves a particular challenge for our dosing pumps. Nevertheless, you benefit here from two advantages of our continuous piston principle: Automatic cleanability and particularly high cycle times.

Highly abrasive suspensions are dosed into the dishwashing tabs. And the sedimentation of the solids contained in the suspensions must be prevented. With the help of the circulation of the dosing material within the complete system, we also solve this task. And thanks to the stainless steel / elastomer pairing in the rotor and stator of our dosing pumps, we achieve long service lives despite the abrasiveness of the materials to be dosed.

With one click you will learn how tabs are simply dosed correctly.

Filling consumer goods suspensions

vipura-PUMP 10T - compact and universally applicable

Suspensions are dispersions of solid particles in a liquid. They enable the transfer of poorly soluble active ingredients into a liquid dosage form. Special care must be taken when automatically filling these consumer goods into glass vials or other small containers. This is because they are extremely sensitive to shear.

For a multiple filling system, a ViscoTec Pharma Dispenser was mounted above each filling station. Each laboratory pump can be calibrated independently with regard to the dosing quantity. The dosing accuracy is correspondingly high: > 99 %. The high-quality product is dosed with high precision without rheological stress. The pharmaceutical dispensers are disassembled, cleaned, and sterilized without tools after the filling operation.

There is much more to learn about handling solid-filled fluids here.

Filling liquids for e-cigarettes

ViscoTec VHD Hygienic Dispensers offer a perfect solution for the filling of vaporizer e-liquids

Our VHD Hygienic Dispensers are perfectly suited for the filling of vaporizer e-liquids. With our precise products you achieve a high repeatability. Compliance with the maximum negative deviation is guaranteed. The high demands regarding the speed of the filling processes are met – and the dosing is carried out safely and reliably.

In conventional systems, for example, rejects are generated when the dosing unit drips. Prevent a plant standstill due to cleaning work: Thanks to the integrated suck-back option, you can achieve a clean end with every dosing process with our dispensers – for a perfect dosing result with every pod.

Our dispensers are designed according to the current guidelines. Thanks to the CIP option, no hose change is necessary when changing materials. In addition, there is no contamination of the liquids!

Learn more about the flexibility of our dosing systems when filling the various e-liquids here.

Tubular bag filling of filler-containing consumer goods such as cold gel

Tubular bag Filling of filler-containing materials such as cold gel

Materials containing fillers, such as cold gel, are partly filled in vertical packaging machines. The fillers or certain ingredients contained in the gels are in some cases extremely shear-sensitive and require an absolutely gentle filling process.

We guarantee absolutely low-shear product filling with our dosing pumps.  The amount of energy introduced into the product by dosing is minimal. Our dosing pumps are simply mounted on the packaging machine. A filling element is located directly on the discharge nozzle of the dosing pump.

If the material is a very viscous, non-dripping material, our dosing pumps can be combined with an open filling element – a simple and effective solution.

But you also benefit from our dosing principle when dealing with stringy or dripping materials: At the end of each dosing process, an automatic programmable suck-back takes place. This guarantees a clean, precise, and repeatable dosing result.

In the white paper, we describe a process-safe and accurate filling in tubular bags in even more detail.

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