Improve and automate dosing and filling processes

Is the dosing or filling of cosmetics, personal care products or cosmetic raw materials one of your tasks? We can help you to improve your manufacturing processes. Especially for applications with highly viscous, abrasive or filler-containing fluids and pastes, our products are perfectly suited. For example, for mascara, Vaseline, scrubs or creams and pastes with fillers up to 20 mm in diameter. The individually planned use of special conveying and dosing systems results in less wear on adjacent machines and reduces your cleaning effort. So you save time and money.

The quality of shear-sensitive materials is optimally preserved by the endless piston principle. With our products, you can empty, convey, process and fill liquid to pasty materials from a single container. Handling is particularly gentle and continuous. In addition to the proven quality of our products, we support you with excellent service. From the selection of dosing components to commissioning and beyond – for the life of the pump.

We ensure precise and repeatable dosing results. And offer the perfect equipment for applications with high quality and hygiene requirements such as GMP. If required, we develop customized solutions for your production process.

Application examples from the cosmetics industry

Emptying and feeding of mascara for filling into smaller containers

Filling mascara into small applicators with the ViscoTec Hygienic Dispenser - Cosmetics

Filling mascara made easy! Mascara is provided for filling and packaging in barrels. So the task is to get the highly viscous mass from the large containers.

We specialize ourselves in the handling of highly viscous materials. With the ViscoMT series emptying systems, we offer a simple solution for your cosmetics production. After emptying, the material is fed to the filling machine via a hose. To make this process as clean as possible, we have developed an inliner hose. A practical two-point pressure control system – in combination with the continuous pressure surge-free volume flow of the barrel emptying pump – enables the product hose to be connected directly to the filler inlet without a buffer tank.

ViscoMT emptying system - with a residual quantity of less than 1 % - perfect for mascara production

Benefit from the advantages of our endless piston principle:

  • Process-reliable handling of highly viscous materials
  • Shear-sensitive handling throughout the entire dosing process
  • Residual quantity in the container below a 1%

Filling tubes with an abrasive paste

Filling system for abrasive cosmetics paste in tubes

Our dosing systems are ideally suited for dosing viscous, abrasive material. Be it hand washing paste or scrub for implementation in a tube filler – the pastes are charged with abrasive fillers or rubbing agents and are a challenge for many dosing technologies. Comparable systems (gear pump, piston filler) often fail in this task or are even severely damaged, which can lead to a sudden loss of production.

Filling high viscosity abrasive pastes or peelings in the cosmetics industry

Thanks to our endless piston principle, you have enough time to react to the unavoidable wear: If the machine operator notices a reduced dosing quantity caused by wear, he can counteract this effect by changing the dosing parameters in the control system. Production does not have to be interrupted. During regular maintenance of the machine, the relevant parts can be replaced with original ViscoTec spare parts.

Learn more about the challenges for dosing technology when handling abrasive pastes.

Barrel emptying & dosing of highly viscous materials such as Vaseline – without melting

Cosmetics industry: Precise filling of high-viscosity vaseline

Mostly, the dosing of Vaseline after melting was done with a submersible pump and a flowmeter. Save the step of heating up – and therefore energy costs and time in your production process!

Filling system for abrasive cosmetics paste in tubes

With our barrel emptying systems and dosing pumps, the highly viscous material can be emptied, for example, from 200 l industrial barrels at room temperature and then dosed directly. The raw material is immediately available. A hose is used to feed the Vaseline to the mixing tank. The dosing quantity is directly proportional to the number of revolutions of the self-priming barrel emptying pump. Additional flowmeters are not required. The follower plate of the barrel discharge seals the material from the environment, protecting it from oxidation. The barrel can remain in the emptying system for a longer period of time. The system is mobile and can supply several mixers with the raw material. The remaining quantity in the barrel is minimal and is < 1 %.

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