Filling and dosing

Is dosing, filling or emptying food or liquid raw materials from barrels or other containers one of your tasks? Then you should read on. Our strengths in these applications are particularly evident with highly viscous, solids-laden, and shear-sensitive materials. The products are conveyed and dosed without pressure surges and pulsation. All systems and filling equipment for foodstuffs have been developed in accordance with current food industry guidelines (EHEDG, FDA).

Our customers in the food industry rely on our technology for handling a wide variety of liquids and pastes:

  • Dairy products
  • Ketchup, mustard, marinades, sauces
  • Jam
  • Liquid chocolate
  • Sugar paste
  • Soups
  • Spreads
  • Fruit or vegetable purees or fillings
  • And much more

Application examples in the food industry

Multiple filling with compact dosing valves

Multiple food filling with compact dosing valves

Our dosing valves for multiple fillers are easy to integrate into filling lines – even into existing lines. We have adapted their design to the often tight gauge dimensions of the mold carriers or format plates. They are particularly compact and can be built up modularly. Our hygienic dispensers meet the strict requirements of the food industry.

Depending on the dosing solution, the material is fed via manifolds that are connected directly to the dispenser – without hosing or piping. In this way, any number of dosing positions can be implemented in a “block”. Or directly via the dosing pumps.

With one click you can find out more details about fully automatic filling in multiple filling systems.

Gentle filling into tubular bags

Gentle filling of food into tubular bags

With our dosing pumps, you can achieve cycle times of less than 1 second. You can use them, for example, to fill salad dressings, sauces, soups, or other foodstuffs. We make it possible to convey and fill solids-laden or lumpy products particularly gently. The properties of the solids are not affected thanks to our continuous piston principle.

An example: A marinade is kept in stock in a funnel. At the outlet of the feeder there is a filling element which is mounted in the forming tube of the packaging machine. After dosing, the filling element is closed with a plunger to prevent the product from dripping. The dosing unit and dosing device are controlled by the ViscoTec control system. The control system of the packaging machine issues a digital “Start” signal to the ViscoTec control system and receives a “Finished” signal back after the end of dosing.

In our white paper, we tell you more about the tubular bag filling of food products. And here we report specifically on the filling of chunky sauces.

Barrel emptying for the baking and confectionery industry

ViscoTec barrel emptying systems and industry pumps for food tomato puree eg

Our dosing technology is in use for emptying barrels for the bakery and confectionery industry: Caramel paste, date paste, chocolate sauce, jam or other chunky or highly viscous materials have to be emptied from industrial barrels. The solution to this challenge is our proven ViscoMT-XL barrel discharge system.

Food dosing technology for the baking and confectionery industry
A delicious example is the filling of doughnuts or other pastries: One of our customers uses the ViscoMT-XL to empty fillings for Danish pastries and puff pastries, as well as for donuts from 500 l tank containers. They are then fed to the production line. The fillings have different viscosities. From liquid chocolate sauce to a thick vanilla cream to fillings with pieces up to 15 mm (e.g. cherry pastes), the sweet donuts can be filled with anything. Read more about this tasty application example here.

Our emptying systems are true heroes. We present them here.

Decorating pastries with icing

ViscoTec Dispenser for robot dosing icing biscuits etc

When it comes to fully automatic, robot-assisted labeling or decorating of pastries with icing, both our discharge systems and the Hygienic Dispensers are in high demand. This is because our dosing systems take over the complete handling of the icing.

The different colored sugar mixtures are emptied from 50 l stainless steel barrels by ViscoMT-XS barrel emptying systems and fed to the dispensers via hose lines. The dispensers are mounted on robot arms. The dosing speeds of the dispensers can be controlled automatically by the analog signal. The simple signal exchange guarantees that the dispensers can be quickly implemented in many different higher-level systems, such as the robots.

If you want to learn more about pastry lettering and decorating, just click here.

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