Product Presentation: we would like to introduce you, for our Business Unit “Food & Pharma” the Barrel Emptying System ViscoMT-XS with a volumetric conveying pump based upon the endless piston principle.

Fassentleersystem ViscoMT XS


  • for medium to high viscosity products (up to 7,000,000 mPas!)
  • suited for abrasive, shear sensitive, solid loaded and lumpy media
  • neatly wiping of the inner barrel wall by the special lip seal of the follower plate
  • applicable at cylindrical, ribbed or slightly conical barrels, plastic drums or bins with inliner
  • no pressing of the product at the sides due to a nearly pressureless guiding of the follower plate
  • emptying speed electronically adjustable
  • simple handling
  • einfache Handhabung
  • pulsation free conveying/emptying
  • residue in the barrel: < 1%
  • compact Design


The ViscoMT-XS supports the following applications:

  • removal of products directly out of the transport or storage container, for example: tomato paste, honey, fats, glacé icing, mascara, lip gloss, cremes, vaseline®, oinments, gels and a lot more
  • pressure regulated or level controlled feeding of the products to filling machines or mixing processes
  • direct dosing out of the bin (using a dosing control)

Optional design and components

The following equipment is available for ViscoMT-XS:

  • two-point-pressure-control by a second pressure sensor at the end of the hose
  • frame and base plate made of mild steel powder coated
  • dosing control ViscoDos 3
  • special design available for clean room class A
  • signal lamp red-yellow-green for displaying the current operating status, also available with buzzer
  • pump actuation by AC-servo drive
  • alternative stator elastomers in FDA quality available (FKM, EPDM)

Dimensional drawing:

Fassentleersystem ViscoMT XS

For questions please do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to assist you in finding and configuring your product!