ViscoTec dosing technology for 2-component epoxy resins, polyurethanes, polysulfides and many more

ViscoTec sets a new focus with Business Development Aerospace

As an expert for dosing technology ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik focuses primarily on challenging dosing applications in various industries. Due to complex requirements of materials used in aerospace industry, applications in the business development aerospace are in general extremely demanding. Different viscosities, thixotropic properties and a high share of solids require a very gentle handling of the applied materials. Particularly fluids filled with polymeric microspheres to reduce their density and weight come along with one of the most challenging properties: Compressibility.

Mobiles shimming system for the business development aerospace

ViscoTec technology for Business Development Aerospace

To encounter these challenges ViscoTec dispensing systems are based on a specific pump type: The progressive cavity pump. The way the pump works is premised on the endless piston principle, which consists substantially of a rotor out of stainless steel executing an eccentric movement in the stator made of elastomer. By opening and closing chambers – identical in their volume – the movement causes an output, which is just as repeatable as exact. All ViscoTec products rely on this principle and range from material emptying systems (out of cartridges, hobbocks and containers) via material treatment systems to precise dosing equipment.

ViscoTec key arguments

  • ViscoTec systems integrate well into automated environment.
  • ViscoTec supports the industry shift to automotive manufacturing practice.
  • Even shear-sensitive and compressible materials can be handled precise and reliable.
2-component dosing and mixing system for the business development aerospace

ViscoTec materials

Considering aerospace industry from a material supplier perspective, various fluids are used during the production process at supplier and OEM site: 2-component epoxy resins for bonding structural elements or sealing applications, 1-component epoxy resins for filling honeycombs, 2-component polyurethanes for potting, 2-component polysulfides for seal cap production or edge protection, just to name a few. ViscoTec benefits from its extensive experience in dealing with those fluids and can help its customer finding the perfect way of application for their individual requirements.

ViscoTec application examples

  • Mix-on-demand filling stations (2-component ink, 2-component epoxy, 2-component polysulfides)
  • Mobile shimming (for fuselage and tail unit)
  • Sealing (for landing flaps and fuel tanks)
  • Potting/grouting (for electromagnetic components)
  • Filling and reinforcement (for honeycomb structures)
  • Spraying (for adhesive promoter and top coats)

ViscoTec aerospace application engineers are ready to provide you with assistance and advice on all matters concerning dosing and preparation of all kind of materials.

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