ViscoTec expands 3D printing portfolio for viscous fluids and pastes

Fluids and pastes such as waxes, ceramics and polymers can be heated to temperatures of up to 70 °C with the new heating function. This is important in the printing process in order to be able to process certain materials better. ViscoTec’s heating function can be easily attached to the one-component print head vipro-HEAD.

3D print head vipro-HEAD from ViscoTec with heating function

A metal needle at the dosing outlet ensures optimum heat distribution. The product to be conveyed is heated to a constant temperature throughout the entire print head. Besides the heating function in the print head, ViscoTec also offers the possibility to heat the cartridge itself and bring it to the required temperature. Cartridge sizes of 55 ml are controlled by the heating function of the 3D printer, so no additional control unit is required.

Also new is an adapter with integrated venting for connection to the cartridge. The aluminum and stainless-steel connector takes up the absorbed heat from the print head and cartridge heater, ensuring consistent heat distribution. After a cartridge change, the integrated valve ensures quick venting – for the shortest possible downtime.

You can find further information about 3D printing with ViscoTec here.