Seals made of 2-component silicone using ViscoTec’s 2-component print head in an additive process

All dispensing pumps in the ViscoTec product portfolio are fitted with numerous seals, each of which has a certain function, for example to prevent a dispensing pump from dripping. Previously, the required seals were produced using conventional processes, such as punching. With the 2-component print head from ViscoTec, the seals can be made of 2-component silicone but also using an additive process.

Initial situation

The development of a new dispenser, as part of the preeflow brand from ViscoTec, showed that a sealing geometry is needed which has not been available in the free trade up to now. Therefore, ViscoTec decided to produce this silicone seal itself thanks to the 2-component print head vipro-HEAD using an additive process. The approach had to be rethought in order to meet both the requirements for the seal and the chemical resistance of the materials to be conveyed.

Procedure and result

Special, individual sealing geometries have to be manufactured at great expense. In addition, the production of small quantities is often unprofitable or uneconomical. For this reason, it was manufactured internally with a 2-component print head from ViscoTec from a 2-component silicone. A dispensing needle with an inner diameter of 160 µm was used for the additive manufacturing process. The respective layer thicknesses are approximately 150 µm. The entire seal is produced in about 30 minutes. These factors essentially contributed to launching the product on the market much earlier. But the fact that no ordering process and no delivery time are necessary also shortens the development time of the product greatly.

Seals size comparisonnt silicone
Seal made of 2-component silicone

Advantages of the seals

The use of ViscoTec printheads has the following advantages:

  • Use of a heat-curing 2-component silicone for sealing applications
  • Possibility of introducing raised structures or recesses in the sealing surface (further application and geometry possibilities)
  • Ensuring a sealing component for fluid applications, can also be implemented in hybrid applications

Here you can find more information about 3D printing with the ViscoTec print heads.