ViscoTec celebrates milestone

Despite a special year behind us all, ViscoTec was able to celebrate a milestone in 2020. Since the company was founded, more than 100,000 pumps have been sold worldwide to date: 40,000 dosing pumps of the main brand ViscoTec and 65,000 dispensers of the preeflow by ViscoTec brand.

Although these products themselves do not directly affect us in our daily lives, they nevertheless influence them directly.

Although these products themselves do not directly affect us in our daily lives, they nevertheless influence them directly.

A day with ViscoTec

Already early in the morning there is the first contact: Whether it is toothpaste, mascara, peelings, or special skin creams – they are all filled, in part by ViscoTec dosing pumps, into cans or tubes that we can buy in retail stores.

It continues with breakfast. In the coffee machine or radio, for example, there are many components that are glued together. The bond should last for many years, but still be applied with such pinpoint accuracy that the adhesive does not ooze out of all corners and edges. To ensure that the adhesive is applied in exactly the right quantity, ViscoTec builds very precise dispensing pumps.

At the breakfast table itself, there are delicious jams and spreads – ViscoTec pumps are also very often used for filling these into jars or plastic packaging. The special technology in the pumps allows even liquids with solid pieces, i.e., fruits in the jam, to be metered without clogging.

Before you leave the house, you quickly check the news on your cell phone. And here, too, ViscoTec pumps help to ensure that the display and camera are cleanly glued, and that the news can be easily read without leaving adhesive marks. Not visible to us, but nevertheless enormously important, is the inside of our cell phone. Printed circuit boards ensure the functionality of the devices. Here, a special characteristic of ViscoTec products is at play: In order for the circuit boards inside to conduct electricity or heat, for example, tiny amounts of so-called thermal conductive pastes must be metered very precisely. On the one hand, the challenge is to apply the tiny quantities precisely and repeatably on the assembly line; and on the other hand, these pastes are highly abrasive. This means they contain tiny particles that are particularly rough, sharp-edged, and aggressive. Over time, therefore, many metering pumps wear out, making it difficult to apply an accurate amount. This is why ViscoTec has developed its metering pumps to be so robust that the individual components can withstand these abrasive materials.

This continues on the way to school or work. ViscoTec dispensing pumps are a part of the production of headphones, watches, and many components in vehicles: For example, in headlight bonding, bonding rear view cameras, speakers in cars and many other applications.

The list could be continued endlessly over the lunch break and into the late evening. Detergent pods, syringes for fillings at the dentist, perfume bottles and many other things are either filled, potted, sealed or bonded by ViscoTec products.

The dispensing pumps are delivered to a wide variety of industries, as can be seen from the different areas of application. From the food industry to the fields of e-mobility, aerospace, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics production, and many other industries.

It is precisely this diversity that makes it possible for the dosing technology experts, headquartered in Bavaria, to generate their previous year’s sales from 2019 despite the difficult year for many companies. Thus, all jobs are secured for 2021 and the employees can start the new year in a positive mood.

Franz Kamhuber, Director Sales at ViscoTec in Germany, is confident: “Despite the current difficult economic situation, which will certainly accompany us for some time, I look to the future with a great deal of confidence due to the diversity of our applications and products. With the help of precisely tailored services for our customers, we want to pave the way into even more areas of application in everyday life.”