Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Current situation

ViscoTec is there for its customers without restrictions
Dear customers and business partners,

In these very unusual days, two things in particular are close to our hearts: The health of our employees and their families and the regulated continuation of ViscoTec’s business activities. We have taken extensive measures in this regard and are very confident that those will prove successful.

At the present time, our operations are running without restrictions and with full delivery capability. We are not currently planning any significant restrictions and are confident that we will continue to support you with our products and services in the future. We are also in constant dialogue with our suppliers and currently see our supply chain as secure.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

We wish you good business, but above all one thing: Stay healthy!

Management ViscoTec

Due to the consistent implementation of all measures and the responsible handling of COVID-19 in our company, we received the BAD seal “Occupational Health and Safety Standard COVID 19” as confirmation of our activities.

BAD Siegel COVID 19

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