ViscoTec supplies dosing systems and components for demanding dosing media and always offers the best solutions for maximum process safety

How do people move around, how are products shipped across countries and seas? Whether on land, in water or in the air: The trend of electro mobility today calls for solutions for the future of tomorrow. In three years the federal government wants one million electric vehicles on the road, and in 2023 six million. The goal is to become independent of oil resources and to significantly reduce the emission of pollutants. For many companies, the market holds new potential, also for ViscoTec: The medium-sized company from Bavaria who supplies precise dosing systems that perfectly complement and optimize the production process for the applications in electromobility.

What can we do, that others cannot?

ViscoTec sees itself as a partner for very demanding dosing tasks. We meet every requirement individually with specialists from different disciplines. We are interested in the whole process and all external influencing factors. Our broadly diversified product portfolio allows us to design our dosing systems with flexibility. We use both proven and customized components. We are always surprising our customers with our innovative approaches. We are a young, dynamic team with flat structures and broad competences. Each challenge motivates us to be able to think outside-the-box. Our success proves us right. Numerous customers value our customized options and flexibility. On this basis, we are building and extending sustainable business relationships.

What is the basis of our dosing systems?

Application example: Battery frame glueing

Whether it be in the field of electro mobility or in other industries, the viscosity, the chemical basis and the abrasiveness of the fluids are decisive for the dosing of various media. In addition, the volume per unit of time and the required accuracy of the dosage play an important role. All our dosing and feeding systems are based on progressive cavity technology. An extremely high repeatability is achieved through volumetric feeding. The rotation of the progressive cavity is possible both forwards and backwards. It also provides a programmable retraction for a defined thread breakage without dripping. Depending on the process involved, ViscoTec dispensers achieve a dosage accuracy of 99%. This allows the defined chamber volume between the rotor and the stator, which moves abrasive, shear-sensitive or highly filled materials without pulsation, to remain in the low-pressure range.

The dosage can be adjusted at any time during the production process by direct communication between the system and the robot. For the customer, this results in an individually adjustable dosing process with a high degree of process reliability, even with very complex component geometries. From the outset, at the same time as designing our systems, we also pay attention to minimizing wear through correct component selection in order to guarantee the best possible long-term efficiency for our customers.

For which areas of electro mobility are ViscoTec components suitable?

In the production process of a battery, our dosing components are used in several production stages. The fields of application are diverse and have various requirements. We are concerned, for example, with the highly precise coating of the conductor foils with so-called slurry pastes. Further into the manufacturing process, ViscoTec components are used to combine individual battery cells into larger battery packs. Filling the battery cells with electrolyte solutions is one of our tasks. In addition, we ensure a perfect dosage of RTV silicone adhesives in the potting of the battery cells as well as the sealing of the battery housing.

For which automotive applications can ViscoTec provide its dosing systems?

ViscoTec supports wherever electronic components are used. For example, to protect displays or digital speedometers from overheating, heat emissions must be transported to a cooling element. This is achieved by highly filled thermal pastes, which are applied by our dosing systems in a defined quantity. The rotor encapsulation within the production of electric motors is one of our numerous fields of application.

Where does ViscoTec manufacture its dosing components?

Used, among others, in electro mobility and 100 % metal-free in the product-contacting sector

The headquarters of ViscoTec is in the southern Bavarian town of Töging am Inn and our production also takes place here. In the last five years, we have grown enormously, increased our sales by almost 80 percent and our workforce by about 50 percent to currently around 165 colleagues worldwide. As a result of this development, we were expanding our service and production capacities in Germany in 2017: A Customer & Innovation Center and an additional assembly hall cover 3,200 square meters. In addition to our headquarters and complementing our global dealer network, we have sales offices in the USA, Singapore, China and India. Our products “Made in Bavaria” are used worldwide.

How do we assess ViscoTec’s current and future position in the field of electromobility?

In electro mobility, we are focusing on Europe and the USA, followed by China. Both in Europe and in the USA, we have already been able to impress plant and automotive manufacturers of our services and dosing systems, and have become a strong partner in the field of dosing. We see tremendous potential for the future, especially in view of the fact that the progressive cavity technology is ideal for the complex requirements of dosing fluids in electromobility. For this reason, we are specifically targeting this market with a dedicated business unit.

Besides electromobility, within which industries do we also work?

With our dosing systems and components we have made a name for ourselves in many industries throughout the world over the past 20 years: our versatile technology enables us to have a broad customer portfolio. This includes applications in general industry, production of white goods, supply of Tier 1 automotive and aerospace suppliers to dosing tasks in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. In addition, we are actively fulfilling new business areas such as e-mobility and 3D printing. Wherever we operate, our customers can rely on our credo: guaranteed individual and perfectly dosed!

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