flowplus & flowscreen

For maximum process reliability


Optimize your processes! The pressure sensor flowplus and the corresponding evaluation unit flowscreen facilitate and improve your applications. For highest security around dosing processes.


Existing dosing systems can be easily extended and ensured – with the pressure sensor flowplus. The piezoresistive relative sensor recognizes even smallest pressure changes in the volume flow rate and changes it into electrical signals. Evaluation units like flowscreen can analyse these signals.

The very small design of the sensor simplifies an implementation – even with small installation space. The flowplus can be integrated into existing processes via a luer lock connection. It is easy to clean and therefore changing materials or changings in the system configuration can be done quick and easy.

The coating of the flow channel – which is out of a perfluorelastomere – guarantees very high chemical resistance. This means, the sensor is suitable for nearly all materials in the fields of medical technology, bio technology or also electronics. And next to the ViscoTec dispensers also perfectly suitable for microdispensing technology from preeflow.


flowscreen: evaluation unit for flowplus16

flowscreen is an evaluation unit for individual process monitoring of dosing applications. Based on the specially developed software the pressure course can be visualized. To pressure changes, for example resulting from changes in viscosities or air inclusions, you can react immediately. Due to various communications and control options a process assurance for applications in automated serial processes is guaranteed.

flowplus in combination with flowscreen means best possible repeatability of dosing processes – in bio technology, medical technology and also in industrial manufacturing, for example electronics production.


Life Science
In the life science industry the flowplus und flowscreen supports especially doctors, biologists and chemists in the research and diagnosis with a wide variety of media and controls the dosage of such media.

The electronic industry, especially the semiconductor industry demands high precision and reliability. Due to the miniaturization of components and electronic parts a maximum process safety and reliability in this industry is essential, which will be guaranteed by the fluid sensor flowplus and by the evaluation unit flowscreen.

Analysts and laboratory technicians benefits from the high accurate and reliable fluid sensor and from the robust evaluation unit flowscreen by the research and analysis of various body fluids. The fluid sensor is mainly used for hightech and fully automated applications.

Fully automated processes require and need a highly precise dosage control and evaluation of the pressure to guarantee the process safety and quality standards.

The photonics nowadays including not only the information technology, but also the modern lighting techniques with LED’s, OLED’s and laser light sources. This micro- and nano-structured components requires a maximum process reliability which is guaranteed through the dosing control flowplus and the evaluation unit flowscreen.

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