Quality is always the better choice

What really matters besides technology

Good ideas always run the risk of being copied. In some cases, it may be amusing: Towels with large “adidos” print, labels like “Guccy” or “Dolce&Banana”, i.e. forgeries that have gone badly wrong. In other cases, however, it is sometimes threatening if the difference in quality between the fake that appears to be well copied at first glance and the original is large. Think, for example, of dirty or incorrectly dosed medicines, exploding mobile phone batteries or sliding rubber mats in vehicles.

Application example electrical industry 2K dosing

Counterfeits or copies are also an everyday occurrence in mechanical engineering and especially in the dispensing technology industry. The pressure of competition is increasing. All in all, product and brand piracy pose an enormous threat to the competitiveness and innovative strength of German mechanical and plant engineering. According to VDMA, the German Engineering Federation, 71 percent of companies are affected. What is shocking here is the statement that the plagiarists and brand infringements no longer come from well-known countries, which are aggressively pushing into the European market, but more surprisingly from Germany, which takes second place as the country of origin of counterfeit products after China. The damage is estimated at 7.9 billion euros, which corresponds to almost 38,000 jobs. And it is precisely the most innovative, the so-called “hidden champions”, who are hit the hardest.

This trend is very threatening for internationally operating companies. Often the brand itself is just as valuable as the individual product: customers appreciate not only the reliable products, but also the complete brand experience. This also includes service and long-term advice and support. This makes imitators a threat to the identity of a company. After all, product quality is often described as the degree to which services match requirements. Optimum product quality therefore covers 100% of the user’s requirements.

Service and support as the most important asset

The complete brand experience is also decisive for ViscoTec customers in the technological competition. In addition to the high-quality workmanship of the dispensing pumps and dispensing components, the customers of the dispensing technology specialist particularly appreciate the excellent service. And this distinguishes ViscoTec from its competitors: customers are accompanied from the planning phase to commissioning. And ViscoTec is also a reliable partner in retrospect.

  • Reliability: ViscoTec sees itself as a consultant and accompanies you from the initial idea to the commissioning stage. Projects become successful when all process steps and the people involved in the process are perfectly coordinated. The focus is always on the customer’s requirements. Each process step is supervised and implemented by a ViscoTec expert.
  • Experience in design: ViscoTec products are used worldwide in a wide variety of industries. Well-known companies from the food industry, the electronics industry, the aerospace industry and the pharmaceutical industry trust the dispensing experts. The almost 250 employees understand and appreciate their trade. This is also evident in the feedback from customers: after visiting head office or after dispensing tests at the in-house technical labs, the diverse information given by the highly qualified employees and the open spirit that prevails in the company are often praised.
  • Long-term support: ViscoTec customers have a sales contact dedicated to them and that remains the case for many years. The staff turnover of the medium-sized company is very low. This also benefits the customers. They feel they are in good hands – their contact person already knows the history of the cooperation or develops into a reliable contact person for new customers over the years.

“The expectations of our global customers with regard to quality are increasing. Quality not only in the product, but also in the consulting. When it comes to products, this means that differentiation based on technologies is becoming increasingly difficult, which is why ViscoTec concentrates on manufacturing the core components of the metering pump.” points out Franz Kamhuber, Sales and Marketing Manager at ViscoTec. “With regard to consulting, this means that immediate availability and short reaction times are taken for granted. We are therefore increasingly acting as a process companion, supporting the implementation of dispensing technology in complete systems,” adds Kamhuber.

Challenging applications for outstanding quality products

Former ViscoTec CEO Georg Senftl

ViscoTec Pumpen- und Dosiertechnik GmbH once again specializes in “challenging” applications that are not only defined by high viscosities. Rather, they include additional challenges such as abrasive materials (such as thermal conductive pastes in e-mobility), compressible media (such as sealants in the aerospace sector) or chemically aggressive liquids and pastes (such as methyl methacrylates in the automotive sector).

In more than 20 years ViscoTec has made a name for itself as a specialist in the field of dispensing technology, especially in the field of adhesive application in fully automatic production lines and in solving complex dispensing tasks. The technology is based on a well-known pump principle, which has been optimized by ViscoTec to meet the requirements of the dispensing sector. Integrated into semi- or fully automated production systems, ViscoTec products ensure reliable production processes. Almost all global players, e.g. in the automotive or electronics sectors, are therefore customers of ViscoTec. So, it is not surprising that, for example, 50 % of all smartphones worldwide are glued using ViscoTec technology.

“The German mechanical and plant engineering industry must once again become aware of its strength, namely its globally unique innovative strength, and thereby secure competitive advantages and be proud of this innovative strength. In the end it will always be said: The original and quality is the better choice.”

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