Compact and universally suitable – for pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics

Smaller portions and larger margins are the trend among food companies. This implies that a change of the requirements for dosing and filling technology is necessary. The latest product in the Hygienic series in the ViscoTec portfolio, the vipura-PUMP 10T dosing and filling pump, fits in perfectly with this trend.

vipura-PUMP 10T – for food and pharmaceuticals, as well as household products and cosmetics

The compact design of the vipura-PUMP 10T makes it easy to integrate the dosing and filling pump into complete systems:  Reduced installation space length, by over 25 % compared to pumps with the same dosing capacity. And a weight reduction of over 60 %. At the same time, the dosing volume per revolution is increased. The special dosing geometry ensures precise dosing results and short cycle times. And works non-destructively, even with lumpy materials up to 20 mm in diameter, in addition. The dosing volumes can be flexibly adjusted – from 20 to 200 ml or even much higher, depending on the cycle rate. These quantities are dosed and filled absolutely precisely. Depending on the application, and matching the specific requirements.

Easy handling of the vipura-PUMP 10T

Due to its compact size and simple assembly/disassembly options, transportation of the vipura-PUMP 10T can be carried out by one person alone if required. In addition, cleaning is simple and quick via a CIP connection.

The vipura-PUMP 10T is suitable for dosing and filling various materials. For food and pharmaceuticals, as well as household products and cosmetics. Common applications are, for example, tubular bag filling of chunky sauces or marinades, and of pet food or shower gel, detergents, toothpaste, creams, etc.

Click here for the video about the new dosing and filling pump:

The benefits to you:

  • Product change without disassembly
  • One size fits all: For different dosing volumes
  • Compact design + hygienic design in stainless steel
  • Short cycle times
  • Non-destructive dosing even of lumpy materials
  • Transportation and cleaning by 1 person
  • Easy integration into existing systems

Does the vipura-PUMP 10T also fit your requirements? We are looking forward to your inquiry!