vipro-FEED DC for perfect discharging of double-chamber cartridges

Precision through automated and constant discharging of double-chamber cartridges

The accurate and clean feeding of adhesives pastes, and silicones of different viscosities is still often a challenge. A suitable solution is particularly needed in electronics manufacturing, where adhesives or other two-component materials are frequently used, and accurate mixing and precise application are essential.

vipro-FEED DC enables automated constant discharging of double-chamber cartridges. In the process, the press out cylinders move independently of each other, allowing materials to be fed even more precisely, economically and with less strain on the material, and the required adhesive mixture to be applied to the components via a 2-component mixing head.

vipro-FEED DC impresses all along the line.

The biggest advantage over a standard system are the individually movable cylinders, which apply the appropriate dispensing pressure to the material to be dispensed on either side. This is because different viscosities require different treatments.

Due to its slim design, the cartridge emptying system can be positioned in or on dispensing cells or set up next to the respective dispensing system with an optionally available stand.

Maximum process reliability is provided by the integrated visual, as well as the optional electrical, level monitoring – for even better observation of the dispensing process.

Compared to manual application, the continuous supply of dispensing material to the 2-component dispenser creates a noticeably more precise material application. This not only reduces material consumption, but also prevents material waste.

The vipro-FEED DC is suitable for the most common double-chamber cartridges (200, 400 and 490ml), but can be flexibly extended on request. Mixing ratios from 1:1 to 2:1 and 4:1 to 10:1 can be dispensed.